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연구진 소개

Principal Investigator


Seung Jong Lee is a Professor in the Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University (Korea). He received his BA and MPA from Seoul National University and PhD from Northwestern University. His research interests include local governance, citizen participation, and community well-being. He served as President of the Korea Association for Public Administration and as Editor-in-Chiefs of several journals, including Korean Public Administration, Journal of Local Autonomy Studies (Korea), Journal of Local Administration (Korea), and Korean Policy Studies. He has actively participated in various governmental advisory positions, such as President of the Korea Research Institute of Local Administration (KRILA), member of the 2013 Presidential Transition Committee, Vice Chair of the Presidential Committee for Local Administration System Reform, and Chairperson of the National Evaluation Committee for Local Performance.



Youngwha Kee is a Professor in the Department of Lifelong Education at Soongsil University (Korea) and the former President of the National Institute of Lifelong Education. She has served as the President of the Association of Adult & Continuing Education of Korea and Director of the Korea Institute of Local Development Education. Currently, she serves on the editorial board of Springer’s Community Quality of Life and Well-Being book series, the International Journal of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (Hong Kong), the Lifelong Education Magazine (Taiwan), and Lifelong Education (China). Her research interests include educational gerontology, community and civic education, community wellbeing, community development, and governance.


Rhonda Phillips is the dean of Honor's College at Purdue University (USA). Community investment and well-being comprise the focus of Rhonda's research and outreach activities. Her focus is community planning and development, as well as community indicator and evaluation systems for monitoring progress towards community development and economic development revitalization goals. Rhonda's honors include serving as the 2006 Fulbright UK Ulster Policy Fellow in Northern Ireland at the University of Ulster, focusing on heritage and cultural based community and economic development strategies via The Township Heritage Initiative. She is author or editor of eighteen books, including Introduction to Community Development and Community Development Indicators Measuring Systems. Along with Joe Sirgy and Don Rahtz, she co-edited several of the volumes in the Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases series published through ISQOLS and Springer (www.springer.com), and is series editor for the new Community Quality of Life and Well-Being series with Springer


Young-Chool Choi is Professor of Public Administration at Chungbuk National University (Korea). He holds a PhD from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. He worked as Senior Policy Analyst at the Northern Development Agency, a regional development agency in the UK (1998-1999), and previously as a Senior Research Fellow at the Korea Research Institute for Local Administration, Korea (1991). He served as the President of Korean Association for Policy Analysis and Evaluation, and also served as the Vice President of Korean Association for Public Administration. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Korea Local Administration Review. He is also currently President of Korean Association for Comparative Policy Studies, and Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences at Chungbuk National University, Korea. His main research interests are regional policy analysis and evaluation, local government and educational administration.


Young Kyun Oh is a professor at Suwon University (Korea). His research interests include R&D policies, public finance, and performance management.


Robert Ashley Cummins was appointed Emeritus Professor in 2014, after holding a Personal Chair in Psychology at Deakin University (Australia) from 1997 to 2013. He holds post-graduate degrees in physiology and psychology from the University of Queensland and the University of Western Australia. Professor Cummins is an international authority on quality-of-life research, a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and of the International Society for Quality of Life Studies. He is on the editorial board of 15 Journals and is an Editor of the Journal of Happiness Studies. In 2000, he founded the Australian Centre on Quality of Life as a virtual centre within Deakin University as a resource for students and researchers. Professor Cummins supervises postgraduate students, for which he has received several awards. He has around 14,000 lifetime citations and an h-index of 51, referenced to his published collection of over 350 books, book chapters, papers, and reports.


Javier Martínez is Assistant Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management at ITC, University of Twente (Netherlands). He graduated as an architect from the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design (UNR) Rosario, Argentina and obtained his MSc degree in geo-information for urban planning from ITC, University of Twente. He received his PhD from the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Utrecht University. Between 1999 and 2001, he worked Argentina in the Strategic Plan Rosario office (PER) designing its Urban Indicators System. He has published research papers in the application of GIS and indicators for policymaking, urban poverty, quality-of-life and intra-urban inequalities. He has been Co-Coordinator of N-AERUS, Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanization in the South (2010-2014). Full resume available at https://www.itc.nl/resumes/Jmartinez


Mark Seasons is a Professor with the School of Planning, Faculty of Environment, at the University of Waterloo (Canada). Mark joined Waterloo in 1998 following almost 20 years of professional planning experience as a policy planner and long-range planner in the public sector in Ontario, Alberta, and New Zealand. Mark has held several high-level administrative posts at Waterloo, including associate dean and interim dean in the Faculty of Environment. His research focus is the school closure phenomenon and associated quality of life impacts, and urban and regional plan evaluation. He is also interested in regional planning, with a specific interest in planning for climate change, and planning for no or slow growth. Mark has earned degrees from Queen’s (BA Hons. - Geography), the University of Calgary (Master of Environmental Design – Planning), and the University of Waterloo (PhD – Regional Planning). He is a Fellow, Canadian Institute of Planners, and a Registered Professional Planner in Ontario.


John Tomaney is Professor of Urban and Regional Planning in the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London (UK). Previously he was Henry Daysh Professor of Regional Development and Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS), Newcastle University. He has published over 100 books and articles on questions of local and regional development including Local and Regional Development (Routledge, 2006) and Handbook of Local and Regional Development (Routledge 2011) co-authored with Andy Pike and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose. He has undertaken numerous research projects in the UK and elsewhere. Among the organisations for which he has conducted research are: UK Research Councils, government departments in the UK and elsewhere, the European Commission, the OECD and local and regional development agencies and private sector and voluntary organisations and think tanks in the UK and abroad. He has given evidence to Royal Commissions and Parliamentary Committees in the UK. In addition, he is a regular commentator in the UK media on matters of local and regional development.


Geoff Woolcock is the Manager of Research & Strategy at Wesley Mission Brisbane and Adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University’s School of Human Services and Social Work; and QUT’s School of Public Health and Social Work (Australia).  Geoff Woolcock works with a diverse range of public and private sector organisations helping develop whole of community outcome measures for a variety of social interventions, particularly in socio-economically disadvantaged communities. Geoff is an experienced social researcher with considerable expertise in social and community service planning and evaluation, including social impact assessment and project evaluation. He has more than 25 years' community-based research experience nationally and internationally, in housing, youth and health sectors, and is a board director on the Australian National Development Index (ANDI).  


Meg Holden (PhD in Public and Urban Policy, New School for Social Research, http://www.sfu.ca/~mholden/) is Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Geography at Simon Fraser University (Canada). Dr. Holden’s published research crosses urban, social and environmental domains, with a pragmatist bent that entails a focus on action research and policy and planning engagement. Dr. Holden works in the service of more sustainable and just cities, in Canada and around the world. Current research projects include Ecourbanism Worldwide, a look into the difference that model sustainable urban neighbourhoods make to urban life and wellbeing, the Getting to Groundbreaking project on the residential approvals process in Vancouver region municipalities, and Rethinking Infill on the neighbourhood and ecological optics of infill urban development. Meg directs the Regional Vancouver Urban Observatory and is an editorial board member of the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life and the city section editor of the Encyclopedia of Social Theory. She is a Research Associate of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing and a Global Advisor of the Cities Programme of the United Nations Global Compact.


Yunji Kim is an assistant professor at Seoul National University(Korea). Her research focuses on local government service delivery, community development, community wellbeing indicators, and public finance. She received her master's degree from the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University and her bachelor’s degree in government from Georgetown University.


Virpi Timonen is a professor at the University of Dublin(Ireland). A Finnish national who earned her doctorate at the University of Oxford, Professor Timonen's work focuses on the sociology of ageing and social policies as they are unfolding in ageing societies. She has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles, books and chapters on sociology and social politics of the human life course from youth to old age, including widely-cited contributions to understanding later lives in the context of intergenerational relations within families and societies. Her work on care policies illuminates the ways in which public, private and informal actors' involvement in the care of older people is evolving in ageing societies. She has drawn out the significance of social constructions of ethnicity in the production of care and the centrality of gender in shaping family solidarities and care practices. Professor Timonen is also a research methodologist who is making Grounded Theory more accessible and usable among a wide range of researchers across substantive fields of research. Professor Timonen's journal articles span many disciplinary and inter-disciplinary journals indicative of the broad intellectual scope and appeal of her work - including, for instance, Social Science & Medicine, Ageing & Society, Family Relations, Health Services Research, Gender & Society, Research on Aging, Palliative Medicine, International Journal of Qualitative Methods, among many others.

Yoshiaki Kobayashi is a professor at Keio University(Japan).

Judith Clifton is a professor at University of Cantabria(Spain). Her main research interests are public and economic policy, particularly those associated with public services and privatization, in the EU, OECD and beyond. She has published papers on these and related topics in major international journals. She actively serves as an editor of leading journals and book series. She is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Economic Policy Reform, and Co Editor of Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy & Society and Cambridge Elements in Public Policy. She also serves on the editorial boards of Policy & Society, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Annals of Public And Cooperative Economics, and so on. She received her DPhil in Political Economy from the University of Oxford in 1997 after completing a Masters in Contemporary International Studies (awarded Distinction) at the University of Leeds. She has lectured at Oxford, Leeds, Cornell and Oviedo universities and has been a Visiting Research Scholar at Cornell, El Colegio de Méxcio, European University Institute, Instituto Ortega y Gasset and Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas and was awarded the Fulbright-Schuman Fellowship to take up at Cornell University in 2014. She was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair in 2017-2020. She has worked as expert and consultant for the European Commission, OECD, United Nations, Greek Government (2016.-18), European Public Service Trade Unions, CIRIEC and CEEP.

Nakhyeok Choi is a researcher at Audit and Inspection Research Institute(Korea).

Chanyoung Park is an assistant professor at Mokpo National University(Korea).


Research Fellows

Young Woong Kang is a research fellow at the Center for Well-being Research at the Korean Institute of Public Affairs, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea. In August 2017, Korea University received a Doctoral degree in Public Administration (A study on the Institutional condition of Public Service Delivery by Market Mechanism: focusing on the Elderly Care Service Voucher). Areas of interest include local government, public management, public service delivery and policy analysis. In her book, there is a case study on people who are dreaming of a society without corruption (2011, co-author). In recent articles, "A Study on the Status and Role of the Autonomous Management Fishing Community: A Legal Perspective" (2018), "The Formation Process of the Autonomous Management System in Korea: Autonomous Management Fishing Policy" 2016).

Seolynne Jeong received her Ph.D. in lifelong education from Soongsil University (title: A Study on the Process of the Experiential Learning of Pre-older Adult Learners in a Graduate School Program) and is currently working as a full-time researcher at the Community Well-being Research Center with experience from the Korea Institute of Vocational Education and local government official. The main areas of interest are education for the elderly, revitalizing CSR jobs for retired professional.

Hyerim Lee received her Ph.D. in Public Administration from Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Korea. Her research interests include the integration of north Korean defectors, married immigrant women, multiculutral families into society, local government, community wellbeing in Korea. Her research has been published in The Korean Association for Policy Studies and Journal of Governance Studies. 

Jieun Lee received her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University where she wrote her dissertation on the effects of size and quality of local governments on residents’ life satisfaction. Her interest lies in local government, urban administration, and community well-being. Her recent article appears in the Korean Public Administration Review 49, no. 4 (2015, co-author).


Former researcher 


Filomena Maggino is a professor at the University of Florence (Italy). Her research interests include social statistics, statistics for social research, quality of life, and social indicators.


Sharan Merriam is Professor Emeritus of Adult Education and Qualitative Research at The University of Georgia (USA). Merriam’s research and writing activities have focused on adult and lifelong learning and qualitative research methods. For five years she was coeditor of Adult Education Quarterly, the major research and theory journal in adult education. She has published 27 books and over 100 journal articles and book chapters. She is a four-time winner of the prestigious Cyril O. Houle World Award for Literature in Adult Education for books published in 1982, 1997, 1999, and 2007.


Megha Budruk  is an Associate Professor in the Parks and Recreation Program at the School of Community Resources &Development, Arizona State University (USA). Trained in the natural and social sciences, Dr. Budruk's work is interdisciplinary in nature. She received her doctoral degree in Natural Resources from University of Vermont, USA, an MS in Recreation Management and Tourism from Arizona State University, USA, an MS in Environmental Sciences from University of Poona in India, and BS in Zoology from University of Poona in India.


Kai Ludwigs is the Founder and Director of the Happiness Research Organisation (HRO; www.happiness-research.org; Germany). The HRO is an independent research institute based in Dusseldorf, Germany that is specified in measuring subjective well-being, happiness and quality of life. As a studied psychologist and economist, Mr. Ludwigs is internationally known in the areas of happiness research, quality of life as well as positive psychology. He is also on the organisation committee of the International Society for quality of life studies (ISQOLS), external consultant of the European Statistical Office (EUROSTAT), fellow of the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation (EHERO) and some other institutions. 


David Sloane, Michael Woolcock , Jose de Jesus Garcia Vega 


Chae Bong Nam, Je Min Lee, Chae Won Lee, Hyun Sun Choi 


Inseok Seo, Chang Bin Woo, Ilhyeong Cho, Mi Ae Lee, Mizzo Kwon 


Su Yeon Nam, Eun Sun Lee, Joon Young Yi, NakHyeok Choi Na Yeon Kim